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IT Services

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Offerings include but are not limited to:

Professional IT Services

Assess/Audit - We will investigate your current environment and business processes to ensure everything is functioning as intended.  Often, even if things are going well, some underlying items could cause significant business disruptions if not addressed. This could be logs on a server showing imminent hardware failure or suspicious activity coming through your firewall.  Being proactive can help avoid significant business disruptions.

Consult - Once we understand your business and IT environment better, we can make the necessary recommendations to improve or maintain your operations efficiently. We can help find new solutions with an options analysis or help draft an IT master plan to build out your budget appropriately for the future.

Design - We will work with the appropriate subject matter experts to help design the right solution for you based on budget and time. SBW does not push any particular vendor or manufacture. We may suggest a specific product we know works well, but what matters to us at the end of the day is that you are getting the right solution.

Project Management - With a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) on staff, we can coordinate and manage any IT project or Security project to ensure your requirements and needs are seen and delivered from start to completion.  We will also make sure that once complete, the proper support and maintenance are in place to maintain your environment during its entire lifecycle.



Field Services

Onsite - If we cannot fix something remotely quickly, we will come onsite and work to correct the problem.

Installation - Our installation services are limited. It is essential to make sure the right subject matter experts perform the installations on critical business systems such as network switches, firewalls, servers, and business line applications. We will work to coordinate the right resources to install and deploy any solution needed.

Maintenance - We can be the first line of support for any issues and help coordinate the correct resources if we cannot fix it quickly for you.  It is also essential that the vendors or manufacturers with contracts perform any service needed as many things can void the agreements and put the business in a bad situation. We can help to coordinate that work so you can focus on your responsibilities.


Support/Managed Services

Monitoring - SBW has tools to be able to monitor your devices remotely. Monitoring devices during their lifecycle can help to avoid significant disruptions due to hardware or software problems. Often a considerable failure shows signs long before it finally does fail. Being proactive vs. reactive will help to keep your business running efficiently 24/7.

Remote Support - SBW has tools to jump in when a problem arises and help you correct the problem.

Helpdesk - SBW has a helpdesk that your business can leverage to ensure your needs are tracked and addressed and not lost in space.

Change Control - All too often, changes are made to an IT system without proper change control. Proper change control can be the difference between a successful project and a failed one. We can help ensure adequate change control is in place before a significant change and ensure that it is followed throughout the entire process.

Vendor Escalation - Things fail. When they do, it is often a crab shoot in how well the vendor will correct the problem. Sometimes it's quick; other times, it's a nightmare. Let us help to work through those problems with vendors allowing you to focus on your work. We will work with them until a resolution is met and agreed upon by both parties.

Security - SBW has various tools to secure your business, such as anti-virus and malicious software monitoring. However, one of the best security tools is user education. SBW can help educate your staff on current IT-related threats and help them mitigate those threats through security awareness training. We will also help to keep your firm up to date on emerging threats and ways to reduce those threats to help make sure your business keeps running without disruption.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity - Disasters can come in all forms, whether it is a critical file that has been deleted, a natural disaster, or something more recently, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It is essential to think about and plan for these things before they happen. Do you have backups? Do you know if those backups are running all the time and successfully completing? Have you tested them recently? Testing your backups is just as important as doing them in the first place. SBW can assist in drafting a plan for your business to get back to normal as soon as possible after an event happens.